Hannah Durham

Clinical Research Specialist

Hannah Durham graduated in May of 2016 from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Health and a minor in Psychology. While in undergrad she worked in the Neurodevelopmental Disorders lab ran by Dr. Jane Robert’s as a research assistant gathering data to look at multiple aspects of children’s development including attention, memory, language, social interaction, physiological responsivity, and behavior regulation. She helped with data entry, protocol scoring, and preparing clinical best estimate meetings for children with autism and fragile-X syndrome. She also served as a volunteer at the SCROLL (Language and Literacy) lab at the University of South Carolina where research is conducted to identify and improve language and reading difficulties in children.

Hannah presented a poster entitled: Investigating Expressive Language in Relation to Adaptive Social Skills in Males with Fragile-X Syndrome, her own research question, investigating if and how social adaptive skills, portrayed in the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale, relate to the development of language, using the MacArthur CDI, at certain age points. Hannah also worked for Palmetto Autism Interventions as a therapist where she received training in Applied Behavior Analysis and did in-home therapy with children with autism.

She is very interested in early intervention and treatment with a focus in language in children, and hopes to attend graduate school to pursue a PhD in School Psychology.