Payal Chakraborty

Clinical Trials Assistant, Neurophysiology Lab

Ms. Payal Chakraborty works as a research assistant in the neurophysiology lab where she assists with the conduction of EEG and eye-tracking experiments for various ongoing studies. Additionally, she performs computational and statistical analysis on data sets from these experiments.

Payal graduated from Duke University in 2015 with a Bachelors of Science in Neuroscience. During her academic career, she worked as an undergraduate research assistant in the Madden Cognitive Psychology Laboratory, as well as the Doraiswamy Psychiatry Clinical Research Laboratory. She completed her honors thesis on The Effects of Social Contexts on Reward Motivation in Autism Spectrum Disorders, specifically exploring the role of the ventromedial prefrontal cortex in monetary reward processing in social and nonsocial contexts during an fMRI task paradigm.

In addition to her interests in research, Payal is very passionate about public health initiatives, and is interested in exploring diverse factors that affect health outcomes. As President of Duke Public Health Brigades, she organized and led in-home infrastructure construction projects in rural Honduran communities. As an intern with Global Brigades, she worked closely with local NGO staff, health professionals, and fellow interns to conduct a variety of public health projects in Honduras, including community needs assessments, health education workshops, and stool testing to identify prevalence of parasitic diseases. Furthermore, as a part of her DukeEngage project with the New Orleans Family Justice Center, Payal developed a comprehensive policy to help high schools effectively respond to adolescent relationship violence on their campuses, and coordinated with local high schools and the Louisiana Department of Education for implementation. Additionally, she has volunteered in various clinical settings and with various non-profit organizations in Durham. After her graduation, Payal worked on a four-month project with FinalMile Consulting to use the lens of the decision sciences to understand patient consumer decisions regarding brand and generic medications.

Payal aspires to continue her education by pursing an M.D. She intends to combine her passion for medicine, addressing disparate health outcomes, and improving health care delivery into her career as a prospective physician.