Charlotte Stoute

Research Registry and Regulatory Coordinator

Charlotte manages the Duke Registry for Autism Research and helps coordinate the many of the Center’s recruitment efforts. As regulatory coordinator, she provides regulatory support and assistance across a number of our research studies.

Ms. Stoute earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Duke University. Her research and coursework have focused on clinical and interdisciplinary research in the areas of stress, obesity, eating disorders, and autism spectrum disorders. She has extensive experience in the assessment and evaluation of randomized trials, data collection of dietary and anthropometric data, observational coding, and systematic review methodology.

Ms. Stoute obtained a Certified Clinical Research Professional (CCRP) Certificate from the Society of Clinical Research Associates in 2016. She has presented her research at the Society of Behavioral Medicine and is published in Obesity Reviews. Charlotte aspires to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology and to conduct interdisciplinary research that examines the interplay of biobehavioral and psychosocial processes related to the etiology, maintenance, and treatment of various conditions, including ASD and obesity/eating disorders.


Representative Publications

1. Stoute, C.H., Bennett, G.G. (in progress). Impact of stress on weight outcomes among adults with overweight/obesity: A systematic review of prospective longitudinal evidence. To be submitted for publication at Obesity Reviews.

2. Bennett, G. G., Steinberg, D. M., Stoute, C., Lanpher, M., Lane, I., Askew, S., ... & Baskin, M. L. (2014). Electronic health (eHealth) interventions for weight management among racial/ethnic minority adults: a systematic review. Obesity Reviews, 15(S4), 146-158.

3. Stoute, C.H., Lanpher, M.G., Bennett, G.G. Negative life events impede success among low income, Black women in an eHealth weight gain prevention program. (2014, April) Paper presented in Session 16 “Stress and Health: Biobehavioral Mechanisms” at the 35th annual meeting and scientific sessions of the Society of Behavioral Medicine, Philadelphia, PA.

4. M. Sabatos-DeVito, E. Paisley, C. H. Stoute, J. Newman, K. S. Davlantis, G. Dawson. (May 2016) Relations Between Computerized LENA Recordings of Conversational Turns and Lab-Based Measures of Social Engagement in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Poster presented at the 2016 International Meeting for Autism Research In the Category:Communication and Language.