COVID-19 Resources for individuals with ASD and their families

Helpful Suggestions and Resources for Persons with Autism, Families, and Caregivers during COVID-19


1.  Provide your child with information:  Help your child understand what has changed. Explain to your child in a way that works for them. Using social stories or pictures may be helpful.


2.  Provide your child with structure: Try to make a plan for each day and break it up into chunks. Schedules and predictability can help your child feel safe and secure. Schedules can also help your child transition back to school when it reopens. Within the schedule try to provide choices for activities. Remember that screen time can impact sleep and energy levels. If screen time takes up too much of the day, it may be hard to return to the usual routine in the future. Having a clear afternoon screen cutoff can help your child relax before bedtime.


3.  Provide your child with what is important to them: What does your child really like and what is important to them? What makes your child smile? Be sure to include these things/activities in their daily schedule. Think of ways to keep them connected with special people in their lives. You could connect by FaceTime or Skype, or have them make a card or write a letter. Set aside time to enjoy each other’s company. Follow your child’s lead and do things together with very few demands.


4. Look after you: Working hard in a caretaking role while also managing job responsibilities can be challenging. It is important to take care of yourself. When possible, take time to do the things that make you smile and give you energy and joy. Take some time out for yourself while someone else supervises your child. Think about your support network and who you can reach out to in order to support your needs and keep you going.


Resources for Adolescents and Adults with ASD


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