Jeffrey Baker, MD, PhD

Professor, Department of Pediatrics


Dr. Baker is a general pediatrician with a longstanding interest in developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. After obtaining a medical degree from Duke University School of Medicine, he completed pediatric training at University of Colorado Health Sciences Center followed by an ambulatory pediatric fellowship at Duke University. Dr. Baker also holds a doctoral degree in history of medicine, and has spoken in forums around the country on the history of autism. He is working on a history of autism spectrum disorders in the United States.

Dr Baker has practiced with Duke Children’s Primary Care for over 25 years, where he conducts medical consultations for autism within the practice. He has given continuing medical education lectures related to his current interest of developing medical homes for children with autism spectrum disorders. He has been a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics since 1996.


Representative Publications

1. Baker, J. “Autism at 70—Redrawing the Boundaries,” New England Journal of Medicine 369: (2013): 1089-91.

2. Bowman, R, Baker JP, “Screams, Slaps, and Love: The Strange Birth of Applied Behavioral Analysis,” Pediatrics 133(2014): 364-366.

3. Baker, JP. “Autism in 1959: Joey the Mechanical Boy,” Pediatrics 125 (2010): 1101-1103.