Jessica Buttinger, MBS

Senior Clinical Trials Research Specialist, Neurophysiology Lab

Ms. Jessica Buttinger works as a research assistant in the neurophysiology lab where she assists with the conduction of EEG and eye-tracking experiments for various ongoing studies. Additionally, she performs computational and statistical analysis on data sets from these experiments.

Jessica graduated from Duke University in 2015 with a degree in Evolutionary Anthropology. During her undergraduate career Jessica was a captain on the varsity field hockey team, helping lead the team to three NCAA Division 1 tournament appearances as well as the National Championship final against UCONN in 2013. Additionally, Jessica is an active member of CAPE (Collegiate Athlete Premedical Experience), a program empowering female leaders who wish to pursue medical school. In this position Jessica worked in The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke completing neuro-evaluations and patient histories before presenting the findings to the Neurosurgery house staff and fellows.

After the completion of undergrad at Duke University, Jessica obtained her Master of Biomedical Sciences degree in Duke University’s School of Medicine. Through this program she completed the first year curriculum at Duke Medical School, completing courses in system science, cellular science, gross anatomy, health systems and medical statistics. Additionally, she was elected as community outreach coordinator for the program. In this position she planned community involvement activities at The Genesis House and Habitat for Humanity in Durham.

This past summer Jessica completed an internship in The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Duke, working as a research fellow. In this position she organized a lipid stem cell study between the orthopaedic OR’s as well as conducted sports medicine research in the Michael W. Krzyzewski Human performance Laboratory at Duke.

Jessica hopes to continue her education and pursue an M.D. She intends to become a physician grounded in research, innovating and pushing the medical field to continually strive for more.