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Duke Center for Autism, Pavilion East at Lakeview
Duke Center for Autism, Pavilion East at Lakeview
Pavilion East at Lakeview

The Duke Center for Autism launched its new state-of-the-art clinical research core and clinical facilities in the Summer of 2015. The new clinical research facility is located on the ground floor of the Pavilion East at Lakeview building, just blocks from Duke University Hospital. The clinical research core facility has been carefully designed to be comfortable for individuals with light and sound sensitivities, is child, family, and adult-friendly, and is fully equipped to facilitate our advanced research techniques. The space has observation and audio/video recording capabilities, a comfortable waiting room, and high-tech eye tracking and EEG labs. 

The Center's clinical services are provided on the third floor of the same building. The clinic has several comfortable assessment and therapy rooms as well as a spacious waiting room with a play area for children. 

Duke Center for Autism Research Laboratory




Duke Center for Autism Clinical Care Facilities on the 3rd floor of Lakeview. 




Duke Center for Autism and Brain Development Hock Plaza Research Laboratory