Samantha Bowen, PhD

Director of Operations, Duke Center for Autism and Brain Development

Samantha joined the Duke Center for Autism and Brain Development as Director of Operations in July 2017. In this role, she evaluates and manages center-wide operations processes, develops and implements plans to improve operational functions, and ensures the coordination and cohesion of center research activities.

Samantha received a bachelor’s degree in biology from Georgetown University and a PhD in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology from Duke University. Her research focused on the intersection of bacterial pathogenesis and mast cell-mediated innate immune responses in the context of urinary tract infections. Samantha then embarked on a career in biomedical research administration, managing a large portfolio of foundation and federal grants aimed at developing HIV vaccine strategies as a Program Manager at the Duke Human Vaccine Institute, then overseeing the development of systematic literature reviews under a contract funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality as a Project Leader in the Evidence-based Practice Center at the Duke Clinical Research Institute.

Representative Publications

Choi HW*, Bowen SE*, Miao Y, Chan CY, Miao EA, Abrink M, Moeser AJ, Abraham SN. Loss of Bladder Epithelium Induced by Cytolytic Mast Cell Granules. Immunity. 2016 Dec;45(6):1258-1269. *Co-first authors.

Bowen SE, Watt CL, Murawski IJ, Gupta IR, Abraham SN. Interplay between vesicoureteric reflux and kidney infection in the development of reflux nephropathy in mice. Dis Model Mech. 2013 Jul;6(4):934-41.