"Tips for Families Living w/ COVID-19, ASD & ADHD" - video series

In these short videos, Duke Center for Autism Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Lauren Franz, MBChB, MPH, and Duke ADHD Program Director Scott Kollins, PhD, - both investigators on the Autism Center of Excellence study - share tips, strategies, and resources for caregivers of children with ASD, ADHD, or both. Click on the icons to watch the videos and check out the resources below!

Episode 2: Back to School - September 2020






Episode 1: Four Simple Strategies - April 2020







Help your child with IEP goals during COVID:

NC Department of Public Instruction Remote Learning Resources for Parents   Autism Speaks Guide to IEPs – Tools to navigate the IEP journey and the school

Duke University School of Law - A Parents’ Guide to Special Education in North Carolina 

Don’t IEP Alone – Resources include A Day in Our Shoes and Welcome to the World of IEPs (for those new to IEPs). Also: What Happen to my IEP this fall if I choose to...

Autism Society of NC blog post series, Planning for School, includes resources such as “IEP Elements Organizer Form.”

Child Mind Institute – Remote Learning Resources for Families and Support for Kids with ADHD During the Coronavirus Crisis

Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) – Education resources

Center for Parent Information & Resources - Central Hub for Parent Centers Serving Families of Children With Disabilities 

Free Online Webinars available on the ASNC website: 

Social Narratives available on the ASNC website: