Understanding Children’s Social Development: A study for 6-11 year olds with autism or typical development

This study is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health.

Would you like to better understand your child's social development?  Join our study that is being conducted at 5 universities throughout the US, including Duke, Harvard, Yale, UCLA, and University of Washington and find out more about social development in children with autism spectrum disorder as well as children with typical development.  We hope to use this knowledge to better design clinical trials that are designed to help children with autism improve their social skills. 

The study involves 3 two-day visits to Duke University. Parents of children with autism spectrum disorder will receive a diagnostic evaluation at no cost that includes cognitive testing, along with a clinical report, that is supervised by a licensed psychologist.  All participants will receive financial compensation for your time and visits are scheduled at flexible times including after school and weekends. 

To learn more, please contact Lori Reinhart-Mercer at lori.reinhart-mercer@duke.edu or 1-888-691-1062.  


Enrollment status
Saturday, August 13, 2016 to Monday, August 13, 2018