2023 Holiday Greeting Art Gallery

The Duke Center for Autism 2023 Holiday Greeting Art Gallery features artworkwas submitted by individuals and families who chose to participate. The artwork was submitted by individuals of all ages from different backgrounds and identities. Thank you to all of you who submitted artwork for this year’s Gallery and Contest. We wish everyone a beautiful Holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

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Congratulations to Charlotte, whose artwork, "Warmie" was chosen to illustrate our Duke Center for Autism holiday greeting e-card. 

holiday card with a drawing of a snowman

Artwork was submitted by individuals from different backgrounds and identities. Any ideological or religious imagery does not necessarily represent the Center. At the Duke Center for Autism and Brain Development, we strive to be inclusive of all people, and do not promote or endorse any particular religion. We are not affiliated with any religious group as a Center, and are happy to be able to provide a platform for expression of holiday themes, spanning many different cultures, identities, traditions, and experiences that represent our wonderfully diverse community. The artwork shared in our gallery features titles and artist names/identities according to each person/family’s selections and permissions (artists may or may not identify as autistic/neurodivergent).

2022 Holiday Art Gallery

View the 2022 Holiday Greeting Art Gallery