Living Independently on the Autism Spectrum: What You Need to Know to Move into a Place of Your Own, Succeed at Work, Start a Relationship, and Enjoy Life as an Adult

Living on your own for the very first time can be exciting yet nerve-wracking. Adjusting to this new life can seem especially difficult when you're on the autism spectrum. Drawing on her experiences, Lynne Soraya, one of's Most Inspiring Autistic People provides valuable advice as she guides readers through each step of transition into adulthood.

Navigating College: A Handbook on Self Advocacy

Leaving high school and going to college is complicated for everyone. Navigating College is an introduction to the college experience from those of us who've been there. The writers and contributors are Autistic adults, and we're giving you the advice that we wish someone could have given us when we headed off to college.

Employment Tool Kit - Autism Speaks

This toolkit, provided by Autism Speaks, provides helpful information for autistic individuals researching, finding, and keeping employment. It includes job-related stories, tips, and information from a collaboration of people, including autistic adults. Although this guide is written for you, we know that it will also be helpful for family members, service providers, business leaders and anyone who is helping someone with autism find and keep a job.

A Practical Guide to Happiness in Adults on the Autism Spectrum

Clear and engaging, this book offers a refreshing positive psychology approach to mental health and autism. Moving away from neurotypical views of happiness, it sets out simple techniques to help adults on the spectrum improve their mental health.

Transition Toolkit - Autism Speaks

The Autism Speaks Transition Tool Kit provides guidance, suggestions, and options for those on the journey from adolescence to adulthood. Topics covered include self-advocacy skills, legal issues, housing and employment options.

Here's an Idea!

Got 3 minutes? Get 4 practical tips for individuals on the autism spectrum! These "mini-videos" feature Duke Center for Autism Clinic psychiatrists and psychologists sharing practical tips in response to challenging situations facing autistic people.

Postsecondary Educational Opportunities Guide - Autism Speaks

Deciding what to do after high school can be a difficult process. This guide will help you and your family explore the various options available to you.The guide provides a closer look at four-year universities, community colleges, vocational/technical school, life skills programs, and more.

Housing and Residential Supports Tool Kit - Autism Speaks

The search for housing and residential supports can be challenging for an autistic individual and their amily. This guide helps to make this often-complicated journey as simple and successful as possible by providing tools needed to make housing choices.

Autism & Suicide: Resources from American Association of Suicidology

Autistic people have significantly higher rates of suicidal thoughts, suicidal behaviors, and deaths by suicide than the general public. The American Association of Suicidology as developed autism specific resources to aid in supporting autistic people in crisis.