Learn about our Duke Center for Autism Research Studies

Duke Center for Autism Research Studies

Our research focuses on improved methods of screening, diagnosis, and therapies to help individuals on the autism spectrum realize their fullest potential. Volunteer research participants and their families are vital to our work to advance the understanding of autism. Scroll down to see our current  research studies. 

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The SensetoKnow STAR Study (A Duke ACE Study)

The goals of this study are to use advanced technologies, such as computer vision, to improve our ability to detect autism early in life and to monitor whether children are making progress in response to early interventions.  We also seek to develop better ways of supporting primary care pediatricians in their delivery of care to children with a diagnosis of autism. Duke patients who are between 16-36 months of age may be eligible for this study. Email us at starstudy@duke.edu for participation information.

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The COMET Study (A Duke ACE Study)

The goals of the study are the develop objective brain-based methods for identifying autism that can improve early detection and be used to evaluate interventions designed to improve brain function in autism.  Children diagnosed with autism (or suspected) and children without a diagnosis of autism between 3-5 years of age may be eligible for this study. Email us at AutismResearch@dm.duke.edu for participation information.

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ABC - Social Development Study 

The ABC - Social Development Study is an NIH-funded multisite study designed to understand school-age children’s social development and develop better ways to track improvements in social abilities. Children 6-11 ½ years of age with a diagnosis of autism (or suspected) and those with neurotypical development are invited. Diagnostic and cognitive evaluations are provided and participants are compensated. Kids get a “Duke Junior Scientist” certificate!

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Autism HERO Study

We are enrolling autistic children ages 4-7 yrs. to participate in our Duke Autism HERO study, with an aim to build a better understanding of brain development and the overlap between autism, ADHD, and anxiety. Only 2-3 on-site visits to our Duke Center for Autism in Durham, NC, are required. Participants are compensated. Kids get a "Duke Research Superhero" certificate!

Sense to Know Study

Sense to Know (S2K) Study

We are working to develop new, faster ways to assess child development using a digital app that parents use at home. Duke Health patients ages 6-36 months are invited to participate. Duke experts follow participants' development, and if concerns come up, provide an in-person evaluation. Parents have a chance to win toys for their children.