Resources for Autistic Individuals and their Families Impacted by War and Displacement

Children and families impacted by war and displacement are likely experiencing severe trauma, and responses may include anxiety, sadness, shame, difficulty concentrating, feeling numb, insecurity, and physical pain. These responses may be heightened for autistic individuals. These Autism Focused Intervention & Resources (AFIRM) resources include social narratives, visual supports, and coping strategies, designed to help provide understanding during chaotic times and offer routines that may bring comfort or familiarity.

Travel Toolkit

When traveling with a neurodiverse child or individual, It's essential to plan ahead and be ready with some useful tools along the way.  Caregivers can help make the trip as enjoyable as possible for the whole family by creating and using a travel "tool kit" to ease planning and preparation, and support the sensory needs of neurodiverse children.

What Science Tells Us About Autism Spectrum Disorder

From leading autism researchers, including Duke Center for Autism Director Geraldine Dawson, PhD, this accessible guide helps you put the latest advances to work for your unique child. Separating fact from fiction about causes, treatments, and prevention, the book guides you to make lifestyle choices that support the developing brain. Learn about the choices you have — and the steps you can take — to build a happier, healthier life for your child and family.

The Mind Tree

Author Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay shares his story as an autistic person who is nearly nonverbal.  At the age of three, Tito was diagnosed with severe autism. But his mother, with boundless hope and determination, read to him and taught him to write in English. She also challenged him to write his own stories.  

Visual Supports and Autism

Visual supports can be a very effective way for children and adults with autism to communicate.This tool kit, developed by the Autism Treatment Network with the support from the Health Resources and Services Administration to Vanderbilt University, provides a step-by-step, easy-to-understand introduction to visual supports and the ways that parents and other caregivers can begin using them.

Teaching Skills to Prepare for Back to School - Autism Society of NC

Going back to school after time off for the summer is an exciting, but often overwhelming time. You may begin to feel some nervousness about how your loved one will transition to a new schedule or even navigate a new environment. To help prepare for the new school year, the Autism Society of NC clinical staff gathered some strategies and tips.

Here's an Idea!

Got 3 minutes? Get 4 practical tips for individuals on the autism spectrum! These "mini-videos" feature Duke Center for Autism Clinic psychiatrists and psychologists sharing practical tips in response to challenging situations facing autistic people.

Grandparent's Guide to Autism

This guide will help provide granparents with a better understanding of autism, and arm you with tips, tools and real life stories to guide you as you support your family immediately after the diagnosis and beyond.