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2e News Crucial Conversations Features ASD & ADHD with Dr. Geraldine Dawson

The Bridges 2e Center for Research and Professional Development presents "Crucial Conversations about Cognitive Diversity," a monthly webcast featuring the top minds in gifted and twice-exceptional education. In this finale episode, Duke Center for Autism Director Dr. Geraldine Dawson discusses ASD & ADHD.

Forbes: Autism Will Soon Be Able To Be Detected In Toddlers Using A Smartphone

Identifying Autism in toddlers is critical to beginning interventions early, and is associated with improved outcomes later in life. Soon, pediatricians and other health care providers will be able to install an app on their smartphone or tablet that is capable of analyzing the visual gaze of a toddler in order to determine if they may be on the Autism spectrum. Eventually, parents and others will be able to download it onto their own mobile devices and do the screening themselves.